What To Do

What To Do 1.04

Complete errands in more effectively


  • Optimize the time you spend on errands
  • Highly customizable


  • Ugly interface
  • Confusing to use

Not bad

What To Do is an original to-do manager that helps you get all your tasks and errands completed in less time and with less effort.

The idea behind What To Do is to create relationships between the tasks you have to do and the places you need to go in order to complete them. First you enter the tasks in the task list, then you move on to the so-called “Knowledge” area, in which you create the necessary relationships between the different errands, locations, task categories and more.

The interface in What To Do is not as attractive as other task managing tools we’ve tried, but the truth is that the program focuses more on being a useful tool – rather than offering a polished design. Then again, being such a different task manager from what we’re used to see, What To Do may only appeal to a reduced number of users.

What To Do is an original task manager that helps you complete your pending errands in a more effective way.

What To Do


What To Do 1.04

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